This is some of the gear I use…

The last thing I want is to turn this into one of those annoying sites with ads everywhere That being said, I've played and enjoyed a lot of gear over the years. Everything on this page is all stuff I use every single day. I am not endorsed by, or in any other way affiliated with these companies.

I use their stuff cause it ROCKS!

Guitar & Amp related

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I currently have 3 Ibanez 6 string electrics.
"Chip" is my '88 Ibanez RG540 HH. It was metallic red when I bought it, but has undergone several paint jobs since (which I now regret). It's been black now for 15 years and is hands down, my all time favorite guitar and totally irreplaceable to me. "Red" is a 2001 RG3120DR Prestige. It's a pretty sweet ride. The pickups and pots are very responsive and I can roll back to a nice gritty clean tone. I can get a decent "stratty" type tone in the middle positions. Both guitars have Floyd Licensed Tremolos on them. The 3r is a fixed bridge RG Geo. Good for alternate tuning.
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As an Eleven Rack user I was excited when the Headrush pedal board was released. Well…This thing is AWESOME! I was blown away from the first time I used it. It is truly groundbreaking technology.
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I use Dean Markley 10-46 NickelSteel Electric strings. They're a bit meatier under the fingers, but hold the tone really well. They break way less often than lighter gauge strings, especially when I lose control in those crazy whammy stunts.
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I've always sharpened my picks, preferring a good bite from them. I have to work a bit harder but it's precise and I get less pick noise. I found the Dunlop Tortex Sharp Picks about 12 years ago and haven't looked back. I use the blue 1mm picks.

Recording + Computer Gear

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I've been using Apple computers since '93. What more can I say. They make really cool stuff that works. I'm currently using Logic ProX for recording and Final Cut ProX for video editing
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XLN Audio makes a really good drum plugin called Addictive Drums. Some amazing drum samples and the software is relatively cheap. Lots of add on packs and samples available. You'll hear AD in action in my backing tracks and songs.